A dear friend (age 70), whose serious tremors and speech hesitancy from a neurological disorder were remarkably reduced after only 4 days on Protandim, persuaded me to attend a nearby meeting about this product at her home on May 13, 2011. At age 50, my life had already been “over” for almost 30 years.

With a history of low back pain of unknown cause and then cancer at age 24, followed by a horrific car crash at age 29 in 1990, my pain grew ever more intense through the years. In 2004, I finally was declared permanently disabled, opening the door to regular medical care.

I was diagnosed with multiple problems and put on multiple medications. These were for the acute inflammation throughout my body; a degenerative condition in my back, hips and knees; elevated sugar levels; elevated blood pressure; elevated cholesterol; heart fibrillation; and a sleep disorder causing my breathing to stop intermittently. In reality, the excruciating pain for many years had allowed me only 2-4 hours of fitful sleep a night. Typically, I didn’t even go to bed until after 3 AM.

During the past 6 years, I’ve been housebound, unable to drive, unable to stand more than 5 minutes at a time without collapsing in pain. Moving about my house required gripping a walker. I was on 12 different medications, 4 for blood pressure alone, yet still with typical readings of 175/101 and still in great pain.

Back home after the meeting and with a bottle of Protandim in hand, I took one little yellow pill—with no expectation of change. For some reason, I felt tired and ready to sleep just after midnight. I fell asleep quickly, not waking until 7 AM! It was my first night of GOOD sleep in almost 30 years!

I made my way to the kitchen for breakfast and my morning meds … and suddenly realized I’d left my walker in the bedroom. As my mind grew more alert, I realized I was NOT feeling any pain in my back, nor in my legs. As that reality began soaking into my mind, I quickly took a second Protandim, concluding it MUST be the reason. A full week of wonderful, restful sleep followed.

One week later when I walked into the meeting, people stared in disbelief. Some didn’t even recognize me as tortured face and body of one week earlier. They joyfully told me they’d had little hope ANYTHING could help someone in such terrible condition.

Another week later, another meeting one block away–and this time I WALKED the distance, unassisted. (My walker is now a permanent doorstop.) To show off for my new friends, I bent over and touched my toes—hadn’t reached below my knees in a long, long time!

By the end of my 3rd week on Protandim and still on all my medications, I realized my blood pressure was at 70/40 and called my doctor in alarm. When I explained what I had been taking, she told me to STOP the 4 blood pressure pills and keep careful records of both blood pressure and blood sugar levels, then come to her office for my regularly scheduled appointment a few weeks later.

After my 4th week on Protandim, I was actually out on the dance floor at a family reunion celebration—the first time in three decades! It’s now 8 weeks since I started on Protandim, just one pill a day, and I saw my doctor last week. In light of the total transformation in how I look and how I feel, she told me to discontinue ALL 12 medications! My blood sugar is normal, my blood pressure is steady at 130/67. Even my eyesight is stabilized, and I need glasses only for reading.

I am tremendously grateful for Protandim and the people who brought it to me. It has not CHANGED my life … it has given BACK my life.

~Leona, S. California